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Hey Bro. Jerome, what an AWESOME CD. It is very inspirational and encouraging. I love the jazzy(Jill Scott) vibe, the sultry vibe, the old school vibe and my favourite switches regularly. I have been playing it in my car EVERYDAY since I bought it over a month ago. CONGRATULATIONS !!! I look forward to the next.
I just want to say that I LOVE the CD. I play it constantly in my car. It's a refreshing sound for gospel music... very different for today and that's a wonderful thing. Congrats again Man of God. Looking forward to hearing more!! Blessings!!!!
Hey J, Seasons Greetings, I picked up the CD yesterday and listened to it on my way to work. It is AWESOME- clean, well done,KUDO'S to those who worked with you on the project. The more I listen to it the more it grows on me. You know the minute I saw the article, I said I have to support my "brotha" Great Work Bless, Donna
Jerome this is awesome. I love listening to you and your music. I wish that the whole of Bermuda could here this.
I've just sampled the tracks to get a taste of what I knew was going to be a gat collection. Jae, your gifting And passion are evident in every track. I'll be enjoying this for some time to come! Love you my brother!
OK, "a soon to be fan" is now "a big fan"! Got the project, listened to it a couple of times. Where have YOU been all of this time? This is a really good listen ... different from anything else that is currently out there. I can put this in my car and run it all day. Nice to have good music with good lyrics that isn't "praise" music or "choir" music. (which all sounds the same these days) Very nice. Thank you. Hope there is more to come!
PJerome. go ahead with your bad self, your sounding good brother and its great to see that you are still doing it. This is your primary school friend from Purvis glad to see you. Keep on keeping on! God bless
The real deal with this brother! Truly a blessing with lyrics and music that reaches through the "walls"! Check this CD out! To God be the Glory! Hey Jerome the accelerator is definitely fully down, the pedal is on the metal!
Wow! This is great! And it's just the clips. Can't wait to hear the full songs!
Hey Jerome - VERY NICE!!! I am looking forward to purchasing the CD and blessing others with a copy. Wishing you every success as you glorify our Lord, Jesus Christ.


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